A weekend in Dharamshala

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The snow clad Dhauladhar ranges, the dense deodar, the smooth breeze, the serene sunrise and sunsets , the indelible scenic  views of nature, and the rich heritage tour of Mecleoganj ,a suburb of Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful … Continued

Real time design tools

Just the other day I happened to wake up early. That is unusual for an engineering student. After a long time I could witness the sunrise. I could feel the sun rays falling on my body. Usual morning is followed by hustle to make it to college on time. This morning was just another morning yet seemed different.

My tech travel setup

One of the easiest ways to improve travel photos is shooting in better light, and the best light is often in the hour after sunrise and before sunset. That’s because the light takes on a warm golden hue and hits the subject from the side instead of the top. t’s difficult to recreate the grandeur of a vast landscape in the confines of a picture frame.

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