7 NotonMap places that are perfect destinations to beat the heat of summer 2018

Author- Aakriti Mahajan

It’s March already and the heat waves are ready to take our toll again. Therefore, we at NotonMap have filtered out few of our destinations from various corners of our country which are perfect to beat the heat of summers of 2018.

Here are 7 best NotonMap destinations that are perfect to escape from hot waves of cities-

1.     Katoch House in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh-

Katoch House during night

‘Katoch House’ is an old ancestral property of a Katoch family in the village named Jhikkad near Dharamshala. Away from the hustle of the town and vehicles the village is in a previously unexplored area which means it is undisturbed and rustic. With no sound from the outer world one can experience complete solitude around the lush green plantation, the fragrance of fresh fruits and flowers, with a panoramic view of the Dhauladhar ranges. One can experience the beauty of sunrise and sunsets with the untouched mountain wind pecking at your face, rejuvenating your tired soul. The typical village setting untouched by urbanization is enough to give you a once in a lifetime experience and is a perfect NotOnMap location for your summer of 2018. One can experience a lot, disconnecting from your urban lives for a while. You can enjoy reading while the mountain wind kisses your face, maybe indulge in some painting, and explore the photographer in you as the place offers an incredible landscape view and panoramic scenery of the Dhauladhar Mountains.

  1. ParondiHills in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh-


Parondi Hills is a beautiful  NotonMap property that sits atop a hill, you can truly experience Himalayan life here amongst the majestic 180 degrees views of the snow capped Himalayan peaks.NotonMap welcomes you to stay at an authentic, unexplored, and rustic place where some walls are literally cut into the mountain rock. Experience raw, real and unexplored Himachal this summer with NotonMap. Feel connected with yourself on a flat mountain top, sitting in the sun or around a fire, in the midst of the majestic Pir Panjal range.

There is so much to do while staying in Parondi hills. If you are a history buff then you are in luck, the rich history as well as folklore of the region guarantees that you have some of the best experiences of your life. Bharmour is famous for its temples that date back to the 10th century; you can visit the Bearmani mata temple, to the famous Chaurasi temple complex, or the Dharamraj temple (the only one in the world). If nature is your thing, then you can visit the multitude of ulnae waterfalls that are accessible by car while some are just a short hike away. There are numerous treks that start from Bharmour, most notably the Manimahesh Trek. We urge you to call us when you book your stay at Parondi Hills so that we can guide you with the possible things you can do based on your needs and interests.

3. Ernest Heritage in  Allepey, Kerala-

There is a place where the sidewalk ends, and before the sidewalk begins, And there the grass grows soft and white, And there the sun burns crimson bright, And there the moon bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind.

Ernest heritage lies 100 meters away from Arabian Sea. Spread in 15 acre of land, Ernest heritage is a Heritage home of ancestors which is about 300 years old. Surrounded by lush green coconut trees and deserted sandy beach with blue sky in the midst of the forest, ‘Ernest Heritage Is enough to leave you spellbound with its magnificent beauty. With rich homemade Kerala cuisines, natural environment which is still untouched by the touristy crowd, their authentic culture and of course the amazing hosts; everything here is a perfect choice to explore the real Kerala.

They also provide yoga classes on demand. The yoga lessons are taught by a local yoga guru who has an expertise over all Asanas. What else? Aren’t you eager to know who are those magical hands by whom those drooling dishes are prepared? All the meals are prepared by owners of the house and not by any helper. The hosts also provide stitching lessons if anyone is interested to learn how the traditional Kerala outfits are stitched. After spending enough time in the home stay you can head towards the sea which is easily approachable by two minutes of walk. You can experience boat trip with the fishermen to explore the seaside and get into the midst of the sea, or take a dip into the sea. You can also try your hands on fishing and if you are successful in catching a fish, then you’ll be served with you hunted fish in the dinner or visit the nearby fish market to see different types of fishes or see how fish marketing is done.

  1. Birdsong home in Darjeeling-


‘Birdsong Home’ being a hillside property with a lovely panoramic view of the Darjeeling hills is oriented in such a way that wherever you are in the property, you are never away from hill view and lush greenery. The apartment stay nestled in orange orchards, tea gardens and jungle in Mirik, Darjeeling will surely accomplish your a reverie of feeling like home in the lapse of nature once in lifetime. Nestled between orange orchards, ‘Birdsong Home’ is a quick and refreshing weekend getaway.

Witness whirling trails, picturesque tea plantations, numerous trekking routes, monasteries, river valley and the hilly environs of Mirik with NotonMap. Elevated at a height of 4,905 ft, Mirik’s most alluring feature is the Bokar Monastery, which itself is located over 5,801ft. And if boating is one of your favorite activities, this natural stretch of a lake popular as Sumendu Lake of Mirik is the best place for it. The view of the entirety of Mirik while boating in this lake is quite astounding, and with the climate so pleasing and gentle, enjoying the town becomes even better. The Homestay is adorned with stretches of orchards throughout. During the time of full bloom, the oranges are the most adorable feature of this small town. Mirik, being the largest supplier of oranges in West Bengal, the town is filled with numerous such orchards that add to its charm. The picturesque surrounding of the hills and the lake can be prominently witnessed from the orchards of the Homestay, that is, if you’re able to take your eyes away from the oranges that you just can’t help but grab.

  1. Marzee House at Pangong Tso, Ladakh-


Marzee House is the perfect example how nomads used to live back in time when tourism didn’t hit Pangong Tso. Farming and livestock herding has been the livelihood for centuries in this village. Marzee house is a perfect example of traditional architecture of the region and a perfect place to spend your summer vacation. The main attraction is of course Pangong Lake. This beautiful Himalayan lake Pangong Tso (Tibetan for “high grassland lake”) is situated at a height of about 14,270 ft and is 134 km long.The Lake is 5 km wide at its broadest point.

If touristic doesn’t ignite fire in you then you can move far ahead towards Chusul side.

6. Rafi’s House at Chamba, Himachal Pradesh-


In the historic valley of Chamba, a multitude of tribal communities have settled down over the years. Amongst the first of these communities, is the Gujjar tribal community. Rafi, is held in high esteem and is one of the many Gujjar tribe members present in Chamba, the unexplored and rustic district in Himachal. Rafi stays with his family of 12, in a generational old mud house surrounded by lush green vegetation, overlooking the Sal river. NotonMap welcomes you to stay with ‘Rafi’ and his family for a authentic, unexplored, and rustic experience of traditional hospitality provided by the Gujjar community. Experience the unexplored Himachal. There is a lot to do near ‘Rafi’s House’, you can go for a village walk and observe the rustic slow-paced nature of life there. You can witness the unseen and unknown lifestyle of a Gujjar tribal family; from drinking fresh buffalo milk to learning local cuisines, you can do a lot of things here. ‘Rafi’s House’ is also a beautiful hiking destination. You can go for different types of treks based on your interests and fitness levels.

7. The Sandy Shores at Goa-

Towards, North of Goa away from the tempting beaches and ever it’s ever increasing tourist crowd there is a typical Goan Casa called the ‘Sandy Shores’ Homestay.

Located in the proximity to Panjim, the capital of Goa, the ‘Sandy Shores’’ describes the other side of Goa to you. Nestled in the midst of Olaulim River, the ‘Sandy Shore’ is away from the hustle and bustle of Goa and is perfect spot to spend your hot summer vacation.

With a large open area, a beautiful water body outside the property, a swimming pool and rustic cottages nestled in the lapse of nature, you are welcomed to the other side of Goa that is quaint and enthralling at the same time. The Homestay is quaint and secluded from Goa’s tourist destinations making it one of the best Homestays in Goa.

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