Best hidden sunset spots in Dharamshala

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Author-Aakriti Mahajan


courtesy- Vidush Mahajan

Those, mystic Dhauladhar ranges, dense deodars, light fresh breeze and delectable food is what defines Dharamshala the best. Nestled amidst the serenity of the upper Himalayas, the scenery and culture makes it a must go to place for travelers to visit.

On your Dharamshala trip, lots of people are going to advise you to visit all the touristy spots including Dharamkot, Triund, Bhagsunga and Dharamshala monastery and the Church of St. John. While all this should be a part of your itinerary, what should also be included are those few sunset spots that are not centrally located in Mecleodganj but around it. These sunset spots are completely unexplored but offer the best sunset you will ever witness.

  1. Indrunag Camp side-

courtesy- Vidush Mahajan


Being a spiritual spot, Indrunag is a temple situated on a hill. The place is a perfect offbeat spot for you to spend a full day hiking, paragliding, relaxing and of course witnessing the best of sunset. You can opt to hike to Indrunag from Khanyara road or take a taxi. Both, the ways are possible. After reaching at the top of Indrunag you will be exposed to the best view of Dharamshala town. The place gives 360 degree view f the town where you feel on top of the world. You can spend an entire day here. You can try paragliding or just relax and witness the beauty of the place or just bask in the sun and feel the tranquility of the place. And don’t miss out the sunset of the place. Not many people know about this place yet that is why it has still been able to maintain its natural beauty. The scene of setting sun is a delightful experience where the mellow sun goes down over the western horizon. Trees and plants, crops and creepers– everything is lit up with a golden glow .The floating of fleecy clouds looks like a stretch of fire. The landscape presents a piece of enchanting beauty. All this constitutes a sight to see. Then gradually the sun sinks below across the hazy trees at the distant horizon.


  1. Maximus mall Dharamshala’s Backyard-

courtesy- Aakriti Mahajan


courtesy -Aakriti Mahajan


A sunset at a mall? Well. This might sound a bit impossible as a mall is a place where you immerse yourself in shopping and loads of food. But, what if you get to see a splendid sunset just at the backyard of the mall? Yes, Maximus mall in Dharamshala is that place. Because it is Dharamshala and the splendor is everywhere here. The incredible scene of sunset is something you cannot miss while you are in Dharamshala and the backyard of Maximus mall is that spot to witness ito,]. Sip in the coffee and dive into the beauty of sunset where gradually the sun sinks below across the hazy trees at the distant horizon. The night falls with appall of darkness. The majestic sun sets for the night and leaves the world under the reign of darkness to rule the roost.

  1. Sunset point Naddi-

Source- TripAdvisor

A favorite with photographers, sunset point at Naddi offers breathtaking views of the Naddi village and its scenic surrounding areas. And if you are lucky enough, You might also witness a rainbow with a sunset a small showers of rain falling on you. Naddi is also filled with scenic walking trails and if you are a photographer, it’s going to be a blessing in disguise. Against the backdrop of snow peaked mountains and the playful sun, the view of the scenery is going to be your next phone wallpaper.


So, when you visit Dharamshala next time, don’t dare to miss out these incredible spots to enchant yourself with such splendid scenes of Sunset.

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