Nako village – The best kept secret of nature

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Through Notonmap, We offer a chance to experience nature in its pristine form and a slice of life as is lived by the locals. Where the horizon is not the limit and the views from your room will mesmerize your mind and leave an impression on your soul.

Similarly, we have been lucky to find another hidden beauty of earth which has been blessed by nature, totally untouched and pristine.

That beauty is Nako village, the unscathed beauty of nature. Nako is the natures best kept secret. A secret that is worth exploring.


Located in Pooh subdivision, Nako Lake is 3662 meters above the sea level. The district of Kinnaur in which Nako Lake is situated is a picturesque landscape, perfect for a visit during the summer season to escape the scorching sun. To experience the scenic beauty, Nako attracts people from distant places during summer while the frozen lake in winter becomes hub for ice skating.

Reasons to visit Nako village-

# Nako is the last point of the Kinnaur district, if you travel from Sarahan to Spiti Valley and this quaint village is also the most remote village. So, enjoy your serene solitude while you are disconnected from your mobile network for the time you are in Nako village. Yes, no mobile networks in Nako!!

# The best place to visit in Nako village is the pristine Nako lake which falls amidst the village. Nako Lake is a small secluded reservoir which can charm anyone with its pristine natural beauty and cultural innocence. Surrounded by willow and polar trees lake is the secret hideaway in the mystical Himalayas, one of the beauty treasures of Himachal Pradesh untouched by travelers.

Nako village.


The village is known for its location in Hangrang Valley at Tibet border, beautiful Nako Lake and monasteries.


# Being in close proximity to Buddhist institutions, Nako Lake is a pilgrim destination for the Buddhists. After praying at the Padmasambhava Temple, one can visit the lake to have a view of the tranquil landscape while breathing freely in the fresh breeze coming from Lake Nako.



Gompa in Nako village, Source-tripoto


# A Tibetan monastery is located next to the old village house. The large gates of the monastery and long stretched lanes of Om Padme hum mantra flags around the temple will immerse you in Tibetan culture and it’s richness.

# Nako village is a perfect pause if you are heading out Kinnaur or Tabo village. The village is the best option to rest and take a pause from your long and tedious travelling.

  • # The village has a rich culture. Most of the population living here embraces Buddhism. While your visit to this small village you can to learn more about the locals. A culture that has still been able to preserve it true morals and had not been polluted by modernity.
  • A better way to explore the village is by living with the locals, Nako has plenty of homestays that provide a good cultural experience along with good food.

Spending days here you will feel that you have been traveled back into time, alone and enjoying the silence around you and the sparkling stars in the deepest sky in the world.

Nako lake during winters,



Things to keep in mind-

  1. A tour to Nako Lake requires a special permission from the inner line as the place is quite close to Tibet border.
  2. The village is really small, so besides the Tibetan Buddhist monastery aka Gompa, the old village part and the lake, there isn’t much more to do at Nako village.
  3. There are no mobile networks. So, if you are digital nomad and cannot afford to stay out of coverage, then Nako isn’t a good option for you.

Therefore, on your next tour to Ladakh, don’t forget to stop by Nako village Rejuvenating session on their tour to Himachal then Nako is a must visit site. Because sometimes, travelling is an experience, a cultural exchange, meeting people from various communities. Therefore we at notonamp are always in search of something more rustic and less fancy, more close to culture and nature and Nako village is on e of those.

The natural scenery all around and the view of the eternal snow are picturesque and charming. Explore the strange, exciting lake of Himachal Pradesh, Nako Lake through Notonmap

Explore the hidden paradises of Ladakh through Notonmap.

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