The hidden side of Dharamshala

Is it all about McLeodGanj or is it all about the tea gardens? What is Dharamshala? Some place in the lap of Himalayas? Or a place that can have you in its lap and offer you a treat? Well, the place has an abundance of everything you fancy and maybe more. You just got to set foot exploring. Here are some locations that have the right amount of ecstasy to put your soul to comfort.

  1. Tatvani


All we think of Manikaran, Kheerganga and Bashishth when hot water springs hit our mind and why not? They surely are very nice places to visit,but are they the only places of their quality? Well, no! A small village, 20 Kms. from Gaggal that has hot sulfur water springs and that too in total captivity of nature. A centuries old temple hosts the springs with neat refreshing gardens in proximity. The ambiance is so set that you’ll lose yourself in no time. The aura will have full control of you as you lay down in the garden after a naturally medicated bath. Yes, it has different bathing pools for men and women.


  1. Boh valley

I remember telling a friend of mine that I wished to visit Barot Valley but then he told me that, it is good you plan to visit the place but  you must visit ‘Boh Valley’ too. On his reference I decided to hit Boh first and that was one heck of a decision. Few kilometers uphill from Shahpur lies the valley. Stepped farms, a landscape so breath-taking that you’ll be filled with amaze. Then a rush of breeze hits you and you go into a trace, your senses dance to the beat nature plays and you just relax. A small Hydroelectric plant runs there and homestays grace the valley.


  1. Gia valley

Want to set foot in a whole different terrain? Gia valley it is! A road diverging out of the Dharamshala-Palampur road leads you to a small village Gia. This place topographically so stands out that you are set in amaze. Stepped hills, forest slopes and a road would like a snake as you drive uphill from a Buddhist monastery that itself is aw-striking. Feels like you’re visiting some European county that spoons you with breath-taking drives and even better views. The road further connects to Palampur where you can find the Saurav Van Vihar.


  1. Nandrool


A fan of grasslands and are disappointed to have no knowledge about a grassland near you? Here we have for you, the Nandrool grasslands, 15 kilometers ahead of Kangra town on the same road that takes you to the majestic Kangra fort. A bitumen snake runs through meters high grass on plain land and deep ridges on one side is Nandrool.

  1. Tikri

More of a forest trekker? Want a taste of adventure? Tikri is the place for you! Uphill from yol, covering 10 kilometres of metalled and unmetalled road you reach a hydroelectric power plant from where starts the trail. The place also has a waterfall witnessed by few, as refreshing as a mojito, it welcomes you as you begin. After a hard trek through the forest you reach some old ‘tapris’, refuge created by local shepherds. On the trail you may encounter local deer species, just to remind you that it is more a forest trek. You can spend few hours ‘tapris’ and feel the rawness of nature amongst it’s lungs.

So, the next time you visit Dharamshala, do plan a visit to all these places.


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