Top 5 things to do in Chamba

Himachal Pradesh as we all know has some of the most beautiful places that you can visit. With the huge mountains, mighty rivers, vast flatlands, gorgeous little villages and warmest of the people, Himachal Pradesh is rightfully called, ‘ The Land of Gods’.  While most of the people visit Shimla and Manali as a part of their Himachal Trip, there are quite a few untouched places that hold the real beauty and culture of Himachal still intact. Among such places is the district of Chamba.

Chamba is located in the far western part of Himachal surrounded by the mighty Pir Panjal Ranges. Chamba has a great amount of history that dates back to around 1000 years. It was ruled by Kings in older times and had played a major role in the state formation of Himachal.

Located on the banks of the river Ravi, Chamba has some of the oldest temples and picturesque scenery all around. Although the city is quite small, there are numerous spots that are loved by both tourists and travelers. Let us now take a look at top 5 things to do in Chamba.

  1. Visiting the meadows of Khajjiar and Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar is easily among the most popular places to visit in Chamba. Surrounded by snow clad mountains and cedar forests, the lake is located at an height on 1920 m. Also, the backdrop of a house near the lake makes it even more picture perfect to visit. Best time to visit the lake and meadows of Khajjiar is during February and March when the weather is quite pleasant and you can enjoy numerous activities around.

On a bright sunny day, if you are lucky, you might spot the mighty Mt.Kailash from here. The Khajjiar lake receives its water from numerous small streams through different mountains. Also, there is a floating island in Khajjiar Lake which is a chunk of weed and grass developing on the surface of the lake.

Tip- If you want to escape the crowds of Khajjiar and visit a beautiful village tucked on a mountain top looking the beautiful valley and mighty mountains, then you must make a point to visit the Mystic Village. Located at around 2 kms from Khajjiar, it is a perfect alternative for people who love solitude and have the hunger to experience the real culture of a place.

   2) Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is highly regarded as one of the best places to visit in Chamba. The whole sanctuary is spread somewhere across 30.69 and is full of deodara forests. While you can reach the sanctuary by road in a car, there is also a hiking trail to reach up. If you are someone who loves hiking through forests, then you can walk all the way up from Dalhousie to the Sanctuary gate.

It is home to a diverse range of wildlife which includes barking gorals, jackals, langur, serow, leopard, Himalayan black marten, deer, bear and many more. The whole experience of visiting the Kalaptop amidst the deodar forests is quite thrilling with magnificent vistas to surprise you on every turn and abundant natural beauty all around.

Kalatop is open throughout the year except December and January when it snows. Thus, if you are a wildlife enthusiast or love hiking, then visiting Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in Chamba is a must.

3) Visiting the Bhuri Singh Museum

Chamba as mentioned earlier has a very rich history that dates back to more than 1000 years. Started back in 1908, Bhuri Singh Museum in Chamba is one of the oldest and most popular museums in not just Chamba but all of Himachal.

The museum is house to more than 8500 antique pieces which includes different costumes, arms, coins, royal jewellery, musical instruments Guler-Kangra paintings and many more. In short, if you want to acquaint yourself more with the rich history and culture of Chamba, Bhuri Singh Museum is the perfect place to visit.

4)  Chamera Dam

Built atop the mighty Ravi River, Chamera  Dam is a huge reservoir in Chamba which is also a popular tourist spot now. It is one of the major source of electricity for the town of Chamba and generates around 540 mw of electricity. One of the most interesting fact about the place is the contrasting temperatures where, the mornings are quite hot with temperatures rising upto 35 degrees while evenings and nights being cold at around 17-20 degrees.

As the Chamera Lake has no aquatic life, it becomes an ideal destination for numerous water sports which includes sailing, rowing, paddle boating, rowing, angling, motor boating and many more. Thus, while you are visiting Chamba, you must visit the Chamera Dam to witness the gorgeous views of the mountains along with the reservoir.

5) Exploring the temples of Chamba

Chamba is known for the numerous temples that it has. You must explore these temples to experience the rich history and architecture of the place. While there more than 40 temples to visit in Chamba, the two temples which you must not miss are Champavati Temple and the popular Lakshmi Narayan Temple. Both these temples have rich architecture and huge structured complexes.

Lakshmi Narayan temple is one of the oldest in Chamba and has around 6 temples in the complex. The architecture and the stone carvings are quite remarkable. Thus, while you are here in Chamba, do make it a point to visit Lakshmi Narayan Temple.

Tip- If you want to stay in a rustic ancestral home that dates back to more than 100 years, then H2O house in Chamba is the perfect option. Located in a small village of Chaminoo, H2O offers you the perfect solitude that you need along with the abundant natural beauty around. The house has a local flour mill right in the complex that runs with the flowing water, giving it a perfect name- H2O. Also, you have numerous trails and riverside seating near the house to make your stay even more amazing.

Thus, Chamba is undoubtedly among the best untouched places in Himachal. You must make a point to visit the Chamba Valley to indulge yourself in the rich culture and history of the place along with the majestic landscapes of Himalayas.

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