Top places to visit in Majuli-

Author- Aakriti Mahajan


Majuli, the largest river island of the world is a crown in India’s jewel. Situated on the banks of holy river Brahmaputra, Majuli is the real epitome of splendid beauty. With its picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, and a diverse flora and fauna and vibrant culture and warm tribal inhabitants, Majuli Island has a rich culture and unscathed nature.

Therefore, we have filtered out the best places to visit and experiences to witness in Majuli.

  1. Ferry Ride-


There are no direct roads that take you to Majuli directly. Yes, no roads in Majuli. And that is perhaps the best thing that makes Majuli even more beautiful. The only way to acess the Island is to cross the mighty Brahmaputra River on a ferry. Majuli can be explored to the fullest by only Ferres. Two ferries run between Jorhat in Assam and Majuli Island – one at 10am and another one at 3pm.

  1. Bird watching-


While making a trip to Majuli, don’t forget to carry your Binoculars as you will witness variety of birds there from greater racket-tailed drongo, whistling ducks, Siberian cranes, brown shrikes, jungle nightjars, white-backed vultures, red manias, short-toed snake eagle, and pheasant-tailed jacanas etc. the locals conduct bird watching trips to wetlands (beels) for bird and nature lovers. And if you opt for a boat ride on your bird watching trip, then you will get to have the best experiences of your trip by exploring the wetlands and the beauty of the island.

  1. Living in Bamboo huts-


The next best thing about Majuli is Bamboo huts. The bamboo huts stand on stilts at a height of half a meter off the ground. The bamboo materials are all natural and thrives well in diverse climates provided it is designed in a way that ensures durability. These bamboo huts are mostly present In Kamlabari and the art of making bamboo houses was first taught to the villagers by a French couple who reached Majuli while on their travels.

  1. Mask makers village-


Majuli is home to a traditional art of mask making which has been native to the island since the beginning of civilization there. These masks have high demand in theatre art and street plays and none of the mask on display are for sale.

  1. Dakhinpaat Satra-


Famous for spirituality and a tranquil vibe The Satra is a place of worship and is Bachelor’s Satra where one is allowed to serve only if Bachelor. Embellished with religious motifs, animal forms, paintings and sculptures, the Satra has a beautiful campus with attractive murals on wall.

  1. Auniati Satra-

The Satra was established in 1658 and was built by Ahom King. The Satra is beautiful with delicate architecture and has a museum as well with Assamese antiquates. Lord Krishna is worshipped in this Satra, and satriaya song and dance performances are held here, which is in fact its main attraction.

  1. Samaguri Satra

This Satra is famous all over India for its mask making. Bamboo, along with paper, and cow dung are used to prepare masks, which are then used in the dramas and cultural performances held across the state.

  1. Interact with Mishing village-

Mishing is the largest Ethnic Tribe of Majuli . They are the single biggest tribe in the entire North East India. A visit to one of the tribal villages is something worth doing since it’s a very unique experience to see how people actually live in houses made purely out of bamboos.

  1. Don’t miss the local food and rice beer-

Without trying the local food in Majuli the trip is incomplete as it is yummy and promises a sumptuous treat. Food lovers will just love the food on the island as it is all you can eat veg and non-veg. You must try the tribal food Thali at La Maison Da Ananda and feel like eating in your kitchen with the very homely and sweet Rishong Family.

Also, Don’t forget to taste Apong(Local Rice Beer). A specialty of the Missing Tribals is the traditional fermentation of rice over the entire day to produce home brewed rice alcohol.

  1. Don’t forget to witness the scenic sunrise and sunsets-

Brahmaputra River is the soul of Assam, and it just makes sense to spend a lovely evening in the company of the Mighty Brahmaputra. The scenic wetland is surrounded by lush green paddy fields and numerous small lakes and ponds. Watching sunrise and sunset in Majuli is a mesmerizing experience. If you want to experience a tranquil holiday spent amidst nature away from busy city life, Majuli is a perfect destination for you.



Where to stay-

There are many homestay options in Majuli, bt if yyou are in Majuli, don’t miss out living in Bamboo huts and NotonMap has a very special homestay option for you. The homestay is ‘Bambooville’ which is just beside on the river ‘Luit’ which is entirely made of wood and gives a real rustic experience. The Island home is situated in the village called “Garmaur’.

Link below to read about ‘bambooville’-

It just takes one to two days to take full tour of Majuli and don’t miss out on these ten things when you visit Majuli next time.




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