Treks and Trails you must visit in Spiti Valley

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Spiti Valley, with its rugged terrain and large isolated areas, is a beautiful place to explore. The tiny villages perched on the hills, the huge valleys surrounding the mountains and river flowing between is something that you do not see every day. While in Spiti, you can not only explore these small villages and areas around, but also explore some of the hidden treks and trails that are located there.

Owing to its high altitude, Spiti has a number of treks and trails that are hiding in plain sight. Weather you head out to explore them on your own or you take someone with you, it is a different adventure altogether. With NotOnMap, you can explore the different trails and treks in Spiti Valley while living like a local.

Let us now take a look at some of the treks and trails you must  take on while in Spiti. 

  1. Kanamo Peak Trek

           Regarded as one of the most beautiful treks in Spiti Valley, Kanamo Peak is located in the vicinity of Kibber Village. The trek is quite easy once you have properly acclimatized in Kibber. It takes around 5-6 hours from Kibber to reach the Kanamo Base Camp which is 6 kms away. Upon reaching the base camp, you need to rest for the day and start your climb to the peak next morning. The climb to the summit of Kanamo is a bit steep at times but with enough care anyone can do it. The views that you get after reaching Kanamo is something that is unforgettable. Thus, while you are in Spiti Valley, do make it a point to do Kanamo trek to have an experience of a lifetime.

While you can do the trek on your own pretty easily, it is better to do it with someone who is experienced. India Hikes has been a reliable company in the domain of arranging different treks throughout Spiti. You can book for Kanamo Peak Trek with India Hikes through their website.

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    2)  Dhankar Lake

            Among the less visited lakes in Spiti, Dhankar Lake is truly a must visit for its beauty and expanse located on a hill above Dhankar Village. Upon reaching village Dhankar, you can visit the old monastery and fort in the village which is as beautiful as the village itself. Next day morning, start your climb to the lake from the village. A well-trodden trail starts from the village and takes you uphill to reach the lake. The lake is located high up on the hill with the backdrop of the beautiful mountain ranges. You can also stay for the night at the lake or return back the same day to the village. Thus, while you are in Spiti, do not forget to explore the Dhankar Lake which is a marvel you should not miss.

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3) Pin Parvati / Pin Bhabha Pass Treks

       Located in the Pin Valley National Park, these two treks are among the most popular ones in Spiti Valley. While Pin Parvati Pass takes more number of days and might seem difficult for novice trekkers, Pin Bhaba Pass is quite easy to do.

Pin Parvati Pass starts from the village of Mudh in Pin Valley and takes you through rugged terrain, barren flatlands, huge mountains and beautiful rivers all the way to Parvati Valley in Kullu. This trek requires a local guide with you and around 10 days to complete. You will find some of the most scenic landscapes on this route.

       On the other hand, Pin Bhaba starts from the same village of Mudh in Pin Valley and ends at Kafnu in Kinnaur. This route is equally scenic and takes you through some high mountain passes, beautiful rivers and small settlements. It is better if you take someone along with you while on the route. This trek requires around 7 days to complete.

Thus, while you are in Spiti Valley, do not forget to do any of these treks to indulge yourself in an experience like never before. It is necessary to go with an experienced guide for Pin Parvati Pass as it can be quite risky at times while crossing the pass. Pin Bhabha, on the other hand, is quite easy and can be done easily. If you wish to go with a group, below is the link.

(Image Source- India Hikes) Pin Parvati Pass

(Image Source- India Hikes) Pin Bhaba Pass

4) Sopona Lake

Spiti Valley is home to abundance of  mystical high altitude lakes. While there are quite a few lakes that are popular in Spiti, some are hidden high above the villages where very less people are able to make it there. One such lake is the Sopona Lake for which the trek starts from a small  village called Mane in Spiti.  The trail for the lake starts from this village and takes you through rugged terrain to finally reach the lesser known Sopona lake. The lake sits at an high altitude over Mane making it a must visit.

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Devil on Wheels has been a reliable name in the internet blogging history for constant updates regarding treks, trails, places to stay, food and road conditions in Spiti.  Go here to have more information on Sopona Lake Trek.

5) Tashigang (Nako )

One of the most beautiful and daunting trails that you will ever come across is the infamous Tashigang in Nako. The trail to this part of village starts from Nako which is a beautiful small hamlet in Kinnaur. The trek takes you around 3 hours through rugged terrain to reach Tashigang. Tashigang is quite special as it lies around 2 kilometers away from Tibet border making it even more interesting to visit. Thus, you must visit Tashigang while in Nako to indulge yourself for an adventure like never before. This trek is quite unpopular and can only be done with the help of a local. Do not forget to take a local guide with you before attempting this trek.

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Spiti Valley, has got a lot to offer if you are ready to explore and walk beyond the usual. With the numerous treks and trails through rugged terrain, Spiti is guaranteed to leave you mesmerized with it’s natural beauty and the warmest of the locals. With the above list of places, we are sure you will make the most out of your trip to Spiti.

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