What makes Innovation House in Jaipur, the best farm stay?


Photo Courtesy- Sayan Nath


India is a culturally rich country since ages. People who have been living off in the village far away from the city have always been living a more organic life. One such culturally rich state in India is Rajasthan. There is a lot to explore while you are in Rajasthan owing to a number of big mansions and magnificent forts. But what really sets it apart is the culture and practices of the people living off in the rural areas of Rajasthan. And, if you want to explore the organic living at these rural places, no better place to experience other than the ‘Innovation House’ in Sikar by Not on Map.

Located in the village of Katrathal to the east of Sikar in Rajasthan, Innovation House is one of its kinds when it comes to the guest experiences. The ‘Innovation House’ is a concept brought up by Not on Map for people to live and experience the real village life while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The Innovation House is made in such a way that every room here is different. Some of the rooms are made using raw slabs of their own chimneys while some of them are constructed using only wood from the forest nearby. Also, there a few rooms which are totally made out of cow dung instead of cement on the walls and the flow. Also, Vedic cement is used wherever it was needed instead of the modern cement. This makes the property very different in the aspect of what it is offering to the guests.


Photo Courtesy- Sayan Nath
                                          Away from the touristy crowds lies the Innovation House


Also, guest comforts are taken into well consideration here with a few rooms having the facility of Air Conditioner while the others have fans and coolers. Also there is a theory that is used very intricately to construct every room to meet the guests comfort. The science behind putting cow dung on the walls and the Vedic cement on the floor is that it keeps the temperature of the room considerably down as compared to the outside temperatures. This helps in keeping the room cool and comfortable in the hot summers. On the other hand, the wooden rooms have a speciality that , it always remain cool while it is hot outside and vice  versa making your stay here very comfortable. Also, the Vedic cement which is used in the construction is totally toxicity free making it even more comfortable for guests to enjoy quality time here.


Photo courtesy- Sayan Nath
                                                  The beautiful entrance of the Innovation House


While there are these things which are really taken care off at the Innovation House, what really sets it apart is the experience you get while staying here. You can literally live like a local here while having a hands on experience on farming, cattle grazing and much more. The ‘Innovation House’ also pets cows, horses and other animals that are widely used here for agriculture and other purposes. Also, you can learn about the farming of vegetables and fruits here from the locals which is a rich experience you must have. The whole agriculture and farming system here is based on cow dung, making it more healthy and natural.  A vegetarian breakfast is served every morning made with fresh organic produce from the farms. This experience of living close to the nature and doing the things that locals do every day is an absolutely enriching experience that will teach you a lot about the rural life along with the fun you will have and people you meet here.


Photo Courtesy- Sayan Nath
                                                            Local Experiences at Innovation House


And while you are at the ‘Innovation House’ exploring the true culture and heritage of a rural lifestyle, you can also spend your day exploring the places around Katrathal Village. The two temples here, Ghatu Shyam Temple and Shakambari Temple are a must visit while you are here. Also, the desert safari is quite popular in all of Rajasthan and a must do. To top off the experience, you can also learn Horse Riding at the ‘Innovation House’ which is something you should not miss.

The best part about staying at the Innovation House is that you get to stay with the locals, who have been practising and living by the old age traditions and culture since a long time. It is not just another farm stay run by a businessman but an initiative by a farmer to give people the true experience of a farm stay. Also, while you are here, you would not find any proper staff for your hospitality but the family itself hosts you and helps you in every way possible making it a very homely experience for you.

Thus, ‘Innovation House’ by Not On Map is really a perfect way for you to live and embrace the organic way of life and learn about things from the locals while you are there. Do not think any further. Pack your bags, book your tickets and embrace yourself on a journey to the ‘Innovation House’ for an experience like never before.


Photo Courtesy- Sayan Nath
                                                             Laid-back Evenings at Innovation House


Best time to Visit Jaipur – Although Jaipur can be explored year around, it can get really hot around summers in the months from April to June. While you can come and stay at the Innovation House to escape the heat in summers and have a local experience, winter is the best season to explore Jaipur.

How to Reach Innovation House – The nearest airport is Sanganer in Jaipur.  After getting down in Jaipur either by air or rail, you can catch a bus to Katrathal in Sikar. There are a number of daily buses running between Jaipur and Katrathal.  Once you reach Katrathal, the people from ‘Innovation House’ can pick you up for the drive till the house.

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